Block Figures

Block Man – RUN | Hedy Hempe 2018
Virtual Insanity

The world is not flat

On a screen

Life is not a game

in a box

Change of reality

I touch you

We play together

A shift of perception

Hedy Hempe_1 juni 2018

Thanks to you, my life has meaning. Only together can we share and play. The question is not what is the meaning of existence but how do we become happy? As a visual artist I want to make people aware of the joy of life that is present in nature and through our culture. Creating is playing with what already is there. Recognize the beauty and value of natural materials and used objects. Watch it closely again and you will see something you have not seen before. You are never too old to play. In 2017 I started with a series of Playful Panels. A research in the basics: puzzling with primary shapes and colors.

My project for Bridges 2018 Family Day at the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology is called Block Figures. You can make figures with wooden blocks on wooden panels. Each panels has 5 x 6 = 30 holes for blocks with pegs. I have 2 different programs. First you can use blocks to make human figures (with arms, legs and head) as much as you can make. The second task is to use 10 blocks to make as much as different connections between the opposite corners. You can try all possible combinations and draw the results in a little notebook. So you can create a series of all the figures you can think of. With the books you can check if you haven’t overlooked any figure and how many possibilities there are. Have fun!

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