Eggshell panels

For me, an egg is a universal shape and symbol for the origin of life and evolution. My eggshell panels are spatial collages of goose eggshells, arranged in a geometric pattern. White on white. Light and shells create shadow effects, which makes the image graphic and dynamic. If the degree and direction of the incidence of light changes, the appearance also changes. The kinetic effect is an interplay between 3-dimensionality, geometry and light.

Eggshell Art, Artist Statement, Journal of Mathematics and Arts, Vol. 14, 2020.

9-Spiral | Hedy Hempe 2020
Squircle I | Hedy Hempe 2019
H-Spiral | Hedy Hempe 2018
Monade 360 | Hedy Hempe 2017
Quadrivium | Hedy Hempe 2015
Universe | Hedy Hempe 2014
Sphere II | Hedy Hempe 2012

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