In time

Moving is part of mankind. The human is on the way, to survive, out of curiosity. He goes in search of food but also wants to know how the view of the mountain is. Sport has made a science of moving. We now know how our body functions, but what drives us forward is a mystery. Movement gives us freedom, expands our horizon. That does not only work physically but is also mind-expanding. It provides opportunities, offers perspective.

The question is not what is the meaning of existence, but how am I? In other words, how do I reach eternity or beauty? In other words, how do I become timeless? In other words, how do I become happy? The answer to this question is: moving at rest, like a column across the timeline. Not too slow, not too fast, but exactly in time! After this realization I had to learn time-management because I always wanted to go too fast. By being in time, I not only have more time but also more space, which gives me an overview. And if I have an overview, I can better determine where I want to go. I am also less sensitive to distraction. Being in time has set me a precondition: to distance yourself from yourself. To let everything be what it is, it must stand on its own. Observing without judging. An important turning point because from there I am able to change things constructively. The I-being does not matter anymore, but does what I do.

The next stage is the learning school of the fluid movement. Only when you move are you able to stand still. Standing still is not the same as being immobile, stiffened, hardened or rusted. With fluid motion I mean the energetic effect you exert on your environment when you move or stand still. Like the drop that causes a ripple on the water surface. Everything and everyone has an energy field and is therefore in contact with each other. That is why it is important to make fluid movements so that the environment has time to respond to me in a natural way.

Speed ​​is relative and has nothing to do with being in time. So you can be very fast without being in a hurry and you can be very slow without being too late. It just depends on where you want to be. A second can last forever and eternity a second.

Move on I, photograph on alu-dibond | Hedy Hempe 2013
Move on II, photograph on alu-dibond | Hedy Hempe 2013

En faisant et en pensant…