Reed fan dance

n preparation of the Schoorlse Kunsten 2017, I invented the reed fan and the reed fan dance. It became a dance of redemption, dedicated to all women of my mothers and my generation, to free them from their frustrations and encourage them to take their own space, to become autonomous. Unfortunately I discovered the reed fan dance after she passed away. Dancing is one of the most beautiful ways for me to express myself. This is where my love for music and shape comes together. I forget everything around me. I feel happy when I am improvising.

Reed fan performance | Berlin 2019

In 2019 I had the privilege to perform at music composed and played by saxophonist Christoph Enzel during his concert in Berlin on the 17th of October. This time I had to conform my performance to the music and think of some kind of choreography. A lovely challenge because the four soundscapes are expressing universal themes. I really enjoyed the performance. And as always there is at least one female listener/viewer who is feeling and touched by the freedom of this dance. The reed fan dance is mesmerizing both me and the viewer!

Reed fan performance | art exhibition Lonneker 2018
Photography by Suze van der Ster 2017

En faisant et en pensant…