Sculpting Nature

Willow objects Willy & Wanda | 2022

In September 2003 I started with a process in which nature is being a source of inspiration and a work place for discovering structures and techniques and creating natural objects in the landscape. Working in nature takes an important place in my live. It is an interaction between me and nature. My sense of proportions of shape and color and the use of primal techniques, such as stacking and braiding, has clearly developed in recent years. But perhapsĀ even more important is that working in nature makes meĀ  a ‘complete’ human being. At least, that’s my experience. Because of the unrestrained enthusiasm that every time bubbles up – while doing, a kind of primal feeling takes over while working – it seems as objects unconsciously getting inspired.

Willow Torus | 2021

Willow Trefoil Knot | Bridges 2020Reed Pagode | National Tree Museum 2018Tree Tangle | outdoor exhibition Wendeakker Lonneker 2018

En faisant et en pensant…