Women take up space

This exhibition is an indoor follow-up of Playground, with sculpture in the park. My sculpture of A1 is at the back of the park, inside you will find a bronze version of A1 as a serie of three Amazones and a self-portrait. Both the exhibitions can be visited until 15th of November.

During this group exhibition Indoor Playground my three Amazones in bronze are exposed, as well as the photo of the Woman and her Eternal Veil. The little Amazones are the beginning of awareness of the meaning of my presence as a woman. This process started after my mother died in 2016. Intuitively I clayed this figurines in 2017 and shortly after I invented the reed fan dance and I started my self-portrait project. At the same time my personal quest has become a universal issue: the position of women. It is interesting to notice globally that women should get stronger and that women translate that feeling in different ways. That is why I had to create the Amazones, the Woman and her Eternal Veil, the reed fan dance and A1. I am happy to make a contribution. For more information about the meaning of A1, read my article, go to menu > Sculptures > A1 at Bergarde.

Woman and her Eternal Veil| Hedy Hempe | 2017
Reed fan dance | Zomertuin Enschede | 2018.