Female Identity

Art gifts for Qua Art Qua Science, at De Museumfabriek, Enschede, NL.

Identity is a complicated concept, especially when it comes to living beings who shared the same common ancestors 3.7 billion years ago. By identity we mean the personality or character of an individual, but a group can also have an identity. The simplest division of the fauna based on distinction is gender. Because without women and men there is no reproduction. So, female and male identity is anchored in biological traits. But with the development of the brain, we have become aware of emotions. How do women feel, act and think and how do they react differently from men in certain situations?

Based on my life and professions as an artist and journalist, I give my vision on Feminine Identity in a one hour presentation. I was invited by Qua Art Qua Science to speak in De Museumfabriek in Enschede, The Netherlands on 29th of June. More presentations to come?! To be continued…

Presentation in the auditorium of De Museumfabriek, Enschede, NL.