Golden Egg – Bridges 2019

This year I will attend the international conference for math & art with an article and presentation, titled Golden Egg. Bridges will be held at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria from 16 until 20 June 2019.

ABSTRACT – What makes the egg shape so interesting? I will explain the function and meaning the egg shape has for me, and I will discuss how it relates to other natural structures and shapes. My eggshell paintings are spatial collages of white eggshells, arranged in a mathematical stucture on white panels.

INTRODUCTION – My eggshell artwork H-spiral was an award-winner at Bridges 2018. I have been fascinated by the egg for 25 years, and I was inspired to take a closer look at the egg shape. What would my ideal egg shape look like? I use the egg shape in my art, and I would like to explain its function and meaning to my, how it can evolve and deform, and how I think it relates to other natural stuctures and shapes.

Golden Goose Egg by Hedy Hempe 2019.