Squircle & 9-Spiral

During the spring of this year my new eggshell artworks Squircle and 9-Spiral will be exposed by Gallery40nl at the art fairs of Brussels and Lausanne. This time I had to deal with some changes and I challenged myself to make two difficult and totally different designs.

Squircle I, eggshells on wooden panel, 90 x90 cm, Hedy Hempe 2019/20.

The first idea for a design was a squircle, an intriging combination of a square and circle. I thought it would be interesting to visualize this shape with eggshells. But how could I increase an optical 3-dimensionality at the same time? By using infinity at the edge. For the second design I used infinity towards the center. Nine spiral arms of eggshells are rushing to an imaginary vanishing point.

There are two changes which have effect on the approach of eggshell designs. First I used a wooden panels of smaller dimension. The gallery owner asked me to change the size from 100 to 90 cm square. As shells of goose eggs have a certain diameter the available surface influences the design. It took some time until this size became part of my system. The second change has to do with the display case of acrylic glass. For carrying and exposing these kind of artworks a protection is indispensible. The eggshells are indeed fixated with very strong glue, so they will not ever fall off, but if somebody hit a shell with his hand it will break. Although the transparent shield gives the artworks a sophisticated museum look, the images which are shown here are photographed without the display case.

The Brussels Art Fair runs from 20 – 22 March and the Art Fair Lausanne 30 April – 4 May. Look for Gallery40nl!

9-Spiral, eggshells on wooden panel, 90 x 90 cm, Hedy Hempe 2019/20.