Talk Female Identity 2.0

My great-grandmother Ada Beets painted by Bart Peizel, 1941.

This time my presentation Female Identity focussed on the history of civilization. This occassion was also the right opportunity to rehabilitate my great-grandmother Ada Beets. As the youngest daughter of the famous pastor/writer/poet/professor Nicolaas Beets she was restricted in leaving the house when her father found out that she was seeing a male student who was not in favour of her fathers choice. During the victorian era her father was a celebrated Dutchman, he was a respected preacher and teacher and close with the royal family. He was known as charming and liberal but, unfortunately he was not able to let his daughter make her own decisions. Her upbringing influenced subsequently that of her children, grandchildren and even her great-grandchildren. I was brought up by a mother who was overprotected, prude and dogmatic. And, I am sure, she suffered a lot under frustrations too, by not being able to develop and use her talents. So, I had to figure it all out by myself, there was no one who stimulated and supported me to develop my talents. Like so many other women I am struggling to find my real identity.

This talk took place at Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede, The Netherlands on the 28th of November 2021.